The Learning Institute of Texas

My experience with LIT has always been a lot of attention & affection. From the beginning, when I looked for the school to get my F1 status, I was treated very well & all documents very well explained. They helped me to obtain my F1 status & also provided me with an excellent education of the English language. I went to LIT because they offer an affordable price to study, but when I started attending classes, I saw how much they became a family for me. All the people involved, like administration, cafeteria, teachers, security, everyone is always treated with a lot of respect. As we are going through difficult pandemic period, the school continues to support me in many ways. They do not treat me as just a student, but as a member of the LIT family. I have been studying for two years at LIT & completing the TOEFL prep course. I can say that when I finish my program, I will miss all the family that always gave me affection and attention when I needed it most.I am so happy with great teachers & good friends in LIT! I strongly recommend LIT if you are looking for good English school.